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Text Messages for entertainment and to impress your friends

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Text Messages for entertainment and to impress your friends

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:48 pm

Text Messages for entertainment and to impress your friends

Author: Glen Hunt

Text Messages and the way we use them

Technology is moving so fast now days and is expected to move at an even faster pace in the years to come, who would of thought that carry around with us at all times a tiny super computer company's like nokia, sony ericsson and htc are leading the way in the mobile phone market.

We all love to keep in contact with our friends and loved ones and the text message (sms) is one of the best ways to do this. Our life's are so busy now do we really get time to sit down and call all of our friends? No its far easier to send a quick text message.

Here are just a few ways we use text messages

  1. What u doin l8r?
  2. How u been doing long time no spk?
  3. I miss you x x
  4. Ill be back in 20 mins
  5. on my way stuck in traffic..
  6. in a meeting call you later
  7. happy birthday
  8. get well soon
  9. fancy a pint?

As you can see the txt message is a powerful and easy way to stay in contact quick and easy at very little cost. most cell phone providers charges for text messages seem to be coming down in price as they are all battling for you to take out a contract with them.

Apart from using text messages for important day to day communication we also use text messages for fun!! getting a funny text messages can really brighten your day and to share a joke with friends is a real great bond between you.

Before mobile phones where invented chatting up girls was no easy task, now its so easy to send flirty text messages to a girl or guy you fancy.. how easy is that!! so you flirt then you date things get hot you might want to send each other dirty text messages these are normally sent between two adults at the start of there relationship.

So your in love how does the text message help you? well that's easy.. a great way to keep in touch say "i miss you". even sending each other love text messages. show that you care by telling your partner that you love them. As your lover often becomes your best friend textin between each other is ware use use most of your text messages.

The word text message can be sometimes said as sms message winch means the same thing, In the UK we use text message and in the USA we use sms messages. it all means the same thing. ie: mobile phone and cell phone.

To help you get the best out of your mobile phone and your text message life you can use a text message website to get ideas for sending text messages to your friends. I am the owner of a very popular text messages website, the site has everything you need for text message life a massive data base of sms messages with links to a great network of other sms websites. And are fast becoming the number one website for all sms messages.

About the Author:

Written by Glen Hunt CEO of Textmessages24 the best sms website on the net today. Just incase your looking for love sms try sms6.co.uk

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com - Text Messages for entertainment and to impress your friends


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